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semi automatic chain link fence machine
60-70% Cost Reduction

Secure Fencing machine designed to provide a significant 60-70% cost reduction.

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100% Sanitized Machine

Ensure safety and hygiene with our secure fencing machines that are thoroughly sanitized.

high production capacity
Only 1 Worker

Secure Fencing Machine, operated by just one workers. Enhance productivity and safety with our innovative solution.

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manual chain link fencing machine
70-80% Increase in Production

Increase your production efficiency by 70-80% with our Secure Fencing machine.

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24 Hours Technical Support

Secure Fencing? Look no further! we offers 24/7 technical support to ensure your fencing needs are met.

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Best Servo System

Enhance the security of your fencing machines with our best servo system that is secure and reliable operation.

Product Details

Product Details | Chipset Used | Technical Specification | Reviews

  • Electric Panel ( Fully Auto Type )
  • Wire pay-off stand-250 kg capacity
  • Cutting Machine - Delta 6hp / Housine 5hp
  • Weaving Machine-Heavy duty Break motor + gear
  • Lock Part
  • Auto Roller / Compactor
  • Wire Welder (optional)

  • 4mm :- 150 - 170 kg /- Hr
  • 3.5mm :- 130 - 150 kg /- Hr
  • 3mm :- 100 - 120 kg /- Hr
  • 2.5mm :- 75 - 85 kg /- Hr
  • 2mm :- 50 - 60 kg /- Hr

  • Power
  • 6 HP Servo Drive-delta
  • Other 6 Motors - 7 HP with Gear Attached
  • Space Required - 6X5 Mtr
  • Mesh Size - 32 MM to 120 MM
  • Wire Dia
  • GI - 2 to 4.5 MM
  • PVC - 3 to 6 MM
  • SS - 2 to 4 MM
  • Roll Size - 1 to 3 Mtr

  • 5.5 KW Extra Transformer
  • Remote Control
  • Mitsubishi PIC Control
  • Schneider Electricals

  • Moulds - (30, 40, 55, 60, 75, 100)MM
  • Tool Kit
  • Oil Dispenser
  • Wheels & Spares

Best Chipset Used From Mitsubishi & Schneider Electric

chain link fence machine supplier

Our chainlink fence machine electric panel is incorporated with a next-generation Mitsubishi-programmable automation controller(PLC) having a revolutionary high speed system bus that inproves productivity through advanced performance and functionality. Our electronic panel is also incorporated with Schneider electric components and touchwin touchscreen. Production - 2.5 to 3 Tonnes/-day

Market Feedback

Over 700+ Happy Clients

Read what our clients have to say about our fully automatic chain link fencing machines quality, production, and service.

Technical Description

Secure Fencing is a child company of Shri Veera Industries and was incepted in the year 2004. We are professional chain link fence machine manufacturers and suppliers in the fencing machinery manufacturing industry offering a wide range of fencing machines and products. This time, we have come up with a fully-automatic chain link fence machine that is highly beneficial to different sectors. Whether it's agriculture & farming, real estate & construction, warehouses, residential & commercial spaces, schools, and universities, chain link fence is used everywhere for security purpose. We are the most trusted chain link fencing machine manufacturers PAN India because we never compromise on the quality of the machinery parts. Prices of our chain link fencing machines are best in the market.

We have designed this chain link machine for the companies who deal in chain link fences. Our sole aim behind manufacturing this efficient machine is to increase the production per day while reducing cost. Keeping in mind the higher production and minimum cost factor, we have integrated chain link making machine with functional and heavy-duty elements.

The electric panel, which is installed in the chainlink fence machine features Mitsubishi-programmable automation controller (PLC) that has a high-speed system for next-level functionality. On top of that, this electric panel comes with Schneider electric components & touchwin touchscreen for introducing more operational convenience.

The chain link fence making machine comes with a wire pay-off stand of capacity 250 kg. This pay-off stand plays an important role in making chain link fence as wire are inserted in the machine and then passed through dais where wire is automatically converted into the diamond pattern fence in the winding shaft for automatic weaving of chain link mesh fence.

Now, at the wire weaving stage, all the manual efforts are eliminated due to the integration of automatic weaving machine. This weaver will join the wire into diamond pattern to form a chain link mesh fence. The weaver that we have used in the chain link machine feature a heavy-duty break motor and gear.

The best part of our chain link fence machine is that it has an automatic wire cutter- Delta 6hp/ Housine 5hp. This cutting machine will completely remove the manual cutting process and automatically cuts the wire, which was taken in via wire pay-off stand into a specified length. This automatic cutting process further improves the speed of production of the chainlink fence machine.

Another great feature of our chainlink fence machine is its lock part. The wires are locked in tightly by the lock so they won't open any time and stays in place for effective application. The corner lock types include knuckle-knuckle, twisted-knuckle, twisted-twisted.

Safety is one of our main concerns while manufacturing these chain link machines, therefore, we've given effective features that ensures protection and ease of control. Features includes 5.5 KW Extra Transformer and remote control.

Apart from these qualities, many more can be found in our fully-automatic chain link fence making machines, including auto roller, wire welder (optional), 6 HP Servo Drive-Delta System, etc. We use the best Servo Motor and Motion control system to make a robust machinery that can work for continuous 24 hours.

Being a chain link fence manufacturer, you always wanted to have such a machinery that gives maximum output in a day. So, Secure Fencing has got you covered with this chain link machine. We understand that in order to purchase the production machineries, one has to invest a lot of money, but our chain link machine price is very affordable and we can say it's a true value for money product.

Here some benefits of this machine for manufacturers:
60% to 70% Cost Reduction
As it's an automatic chain link fence making machine, it does the entire process of making mesh fence very quickly. In this way, it consumes less electricity, generating less electricity bill.

70% to 80% Increase in Production
Owing to its automatic functionality, it doesn't require manpower. So, it's works more efficiently than human beings and increases to up to 70% to 80%.

12 to 18 Months Warranty
Whenever your chain link fence machine faces any breakdown within 12 to 18 months of purchase then the damaged parts will be replaced without any additional cost.

100% Sanitized Machine
The machines that we offer to you is absolutely safe to use not just due to integration of high-quality parts but also because of maintenance of sanitation. We have fully sanitized all the machines so there is no health issues caused to the operators in any manner.

ISO: 9001: 2015
All our chain link fence making machines are ISO: 9001: 2015 certified, which demonstrates that we have taken care of quality standards of ISO. This certification is an assurance to our customers that no compromise has been made on the quality.

Only One Operator Required
The best part of this machine is that you don't have to hire multiple operators to handle single chain link fence machine, instead just one operator is sufficient to take care of the production process. This is all because of its automatic functionality.

We believe that the actual virtues of achievement and success are not carried out without continuous progress. Thence, we're always making efforts to enhance the quality of our products, which can rise their demand in the market.

We know that there are other chain link fencing machine manufacturers in the country from who you can purchase this machine and you must be thinking why should you deal with us. Here, you will discover some of the reasons that will make it clear to you how we are different from others. Get Fully Automatic Chain Link Fencing Machine at best price in Faridkot.


We take pride in improving the whole fencing industry via automation process. Our PAN India Network & efficient Customer Relationship Management System enable us to fulfil the market demand efficiently. We offer our products in more than 85 cities all over India having over 10 networks of dealers. Since establishment, Secure Fencing has been able to acquire more than 300 clients.

Interested to buy chain link fence machine at best price or know more about is? Call us know at +91 9953404096.


  • Rs 1 - 1.5 per kg including labor, maintenance, and electricity

  • Connected load: 13 HP Running Load: 8 HP

  • Only 1 operator is required to operate the full machine

  • Delhi, Chennai, Abu Road (Rajasthan), Nashik (Call our representative to know more possible locations)

  • 20ft x 20ft
fencing wire machine

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