Double Wire Chainlink Fence Machine Manufacturers in Manesar

Presenting India’s highest chain link fencing machine with lowest cost of production within the same space. Feel the difference with our double wire technology.

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India’s Highest Production

Secure Fencing’s Double Wire Chain Link Machine Can Produce Up To 300kgs Per Hour, Breaking All Records Ever.

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1 Machine Means 1 Operator

Forget About Managing People, Only 1 Operator Is Enough To Use Secure Fencing’s Easy To Use Double Wire Chain Link Fencing Machine

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70 Paise = 1 Kg Fencing

Experience The Lowest Cost Of Production Through Our Fencing Machine Technology And Produce 1 Kg Of Fencing In Just 70 Paise

3 Tonne Production

You Won’t Believe This Setup Requires Just 400sq Ft Of Space With Dual Vertical Stands

Can Run Raipur Wires

Secure Fencing’s Chain Link Machine Technology Can Easily Run From Raipur/Commercial Wires To Top Notch Quality.

Versatile & Capability

Double Wire Technology Can Make From 35mm To 110mm Mesh Size And Can Run Wire Dia From 2mm To 4mm

Product Details

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  • Machine size - 8ft/10ft
  • Cutting Machine – Delta servo system 6HP X 2
  • Electric Panel : Mitsubishi & Schneider Electrics
  • Vertical Wire Pay-Off Stand : 500kgs capacity
  • Weaving Machine : Heavy duty brake motor + gear
  • Locking Part (New Model : Twist/Knuckle) (Dual bearing supported)
  • Auto roller with motor

  • 4.0mm – 4500 to 5000 kgs
  • 3.0mm – 3500 to 4500 kgs
  • 2.5mm – 3000 to 3500 kgs
  • 2.0mm -- 2000 to 2500 kgs

  • 2X Production
  • Lower production costs
  • Space saving
  • Lower inventory costs
  • Good quality commercial wire compatible

  • Moulds – 6 pcs
  • Professional Tool Kit
  • Remote control
  • Extra Relay
  • Cutting Oil
  • Measuring tape
  • Sensors
  • SMPS
  • SSR Relays
  • Gloves
    Installation Guide
  • Gloves
  • Wheels & Extra Spares

Best Chipset Used From Mitsubishi & Schneider Electric

Our electric panel is incorporated with a next-generation Mitsubishi-programmable automation controller(PLC) having a revolutionary high speed system bus that inproves productivity through advanced performance and functionality. Our electronic panel is also incorporated with Schneider electric components and touchwin touchscreen. Production - 2.5 to 3 Tonnes/-day

Technical Specifications

Best Double Wire Chainlink Fence Machine Manufacturers in Manesar, Double Wire Chainlink Fence Machine in Manesar, Double Wire Chainlink Fence Machine at best price in Manesar. Double wire chain link machine is the latest model to fully automatic chain link machines. Double wire chain link machines are equipped with better design and technology to reach a new height in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Double wire is not a new concept in the world, there are a few variants out there which have similar functionalities, and however, those machines are not successful in Manesar due to different quality materials used in Manesar. Secure Fencing is always one step ahead in developing new technologies to do the impossible. We have developed double wire chain link machines in the fully automatic chain link machine segment to reach double production and reducing cost of production even further. The main difference is that there are two sets of motors, wheel system, mould holders and bobbins attached to the cutting part of the double wire chain link machine. Due to which the machine is capable of pulling wire from both the bobbins at the same time and therefore weaving at the double rate of production. Upgrade to survive: From manual chain link machine to fully automatic chain link machine, everyone has done is upgraded their equipment to survive by cutting down costs and increasing production. In the same manner double wire chain link machine is a new resort to reduce cost of production with almost double production rate. The new production capacity is up to 300 kgs per hour with cost of making dropping to just 70 paise per kg. Secure Fencing is the most trusted chain link machines manufacturer in Manesar. Secure fencing is known for Quality, Service and their Innovation.

Brand Secure Fencing
Automatic Grade Fully Automatic- Double Wire
Wire Diameter (GI) 3.0 to 5.0 mm
Wire Diameter (PVC) Wire Diameter (PVC)
Power Consumption 18HP - 3 Phase
Warranty 12 montds
Space required 20 x 20 ft
Total Motors 9 Motors

Market Feedback

Over 700+ Happy Clients

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  • Rs 0.7 to 1.25 per kg

  • Connected Load: 18HP Running: 15HP

  • 1 trained operator (Helper is recommended in first 2 months)

  • Yes

  • 22ft x 20ft

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