Fully Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine Manufacturers in Oman

Secure Fencing is a Leading Fully Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine manufacturing company in Oman. We offering Fully Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine at Best Price in Oman. The offered Fully Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine in Oman is valued by our patrons for their quality. The complete range of Fully Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine is having export quality supplying in Oman which is manufactured by using modern techniques under the observation of skilled professionals. The offered Fully Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine in Oman, is checked on various parameters by our quality controllers.

Our electric panel is incorporated with a next-generation Mitsubishi-programmable automation controller(PLC) having a revolutionary high speed system bus that inproves productivity through advanced performance and functionality.

Our electronic panel is also incorporated with Schneider electric components and touchwin touchscreen

Production - 2.5 to 3 Tonnes/-day

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  • Electric Panel
  • Wire Pay-off Stand-250 Kg Capacity
  • Cutting Machine - Delta 6hp / Housine 5hp
  • Weaving Machine-heavy Duty Break Motor+gear
  • Lock Part
  • Auto Roller / Compactor
  • Wire Welder (optional)
  • 4mm :- 150 - 170 kg /- Hr
  • 3.5mm :- 130 - 150 kg /- Hr
  • 3mm :- 100 - 120 kg /- Hr
  • 2.5mm :- 75 - 85 kg /- Hr
  • 2mm :- 50 - 60 kg /- Hr
  • Power
  • 6 HP Servo Drive-delta
  • Other 6 Motors - 7 HP with Gear Attached
  • Space Required - 6X5 Mtr
  • Mesh Size - 32 MM to 120 MM
  • Wire Dia
  • GI - 2 to 4.5 MM
  • PVC - 3 to 6 MM
  • SS - 2 to 4 MM
  • Roll Size - 1 to 3 Mtr
  • 5.5 KW Extra Transformer
  • Remote Control
  • Mitsubishi PIC Control
  • Schneider Electricals
  • Moulds - (30, 40, 55, 60, 75, 100)MM
  • Tool Kit
  • Oil Dispenser
  • Wheels & Spares


Fully Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine

If you are looking for a Chain Link Fence Machine manufacturer in Delhi, you have come to the right place. Secure Fencing chain link fence is a long-lasting, durable material, and a fully automatic machine can make different kinds of chain link fences. So choosing the right one is not as difficult as you might think.

The key to a successful chain link fence is a well-designed fence machine. Secure Fencing chain link machines have high weaving speed, more precise placement, are more efficient and can run valuable by streamlining the structure. The automatic chain link fence machine produces a chain-link fence of various heights. The raw material/ wire used are galvanized or PVC coated. In addition, the new design can reduce the expense of the equipment for the users and has a lower chance of needing maintenance after-sales.

Having a fully automatic chain link fence machine is a hugely beneficial investment. Aside from being a great investment, an automatic chain link fence machine can help you save time and money. It can reduce labor costs by up to 80%. It is suitable for Indian commercial materials, and you can use it in commercial settings. These can be used for various applications and require very little maintenance. The finished material is used in agriculture fields, defence, construction sites, barns, sports fields, and animal fencing.

Here are some benefits of auto-chain link fencing machines:
a) Cost-effectiveness- An automatic chain link fence machine is cheaper to buy than manual chain link fences. Compared to traditional manual machines, the cost of production decreases from 4-5rs Kg to only 1-1/5 per Kg.
b) Ease of use- An automated chain link fence machine is very easy to use, and only 1 operator must operate the whole automatic chain link machine. Additionally, the installation process is easier, faster and less stressful.
C) Automation- These machines come with good automation qualities as the blades of this machine have high cutting precision, which ensures the beauty of the network. Moreover, the mesh is automatically assembled and is rolled into a post. Finally, its heavy-duty gears and brake motor make it a durable and reliable choice for any chain-link fence.
The wire usually galvanized to prevent corrosion, is fed into the machine through a guiding wheel. This wire is twisted and wound into a diamond pattern; then, the wire is pulled along a long flat blade. The machine then makes the next spiral by cutting it near the blade and moving it up. The ends of every spiral overlap with the previous one. After that, the automatic chain link fence machine clamps and twists the ends of each chain link.

Another excellent aspect of our chain link fence machine is the lock component. The lock secured the wires to ensure they could not open anytime and remain in place to ensure a secure application. There are two kinds of locking: knuckling and twisting. Only knuckles can be used if it is done manually, whereas both kinds of locking are feasible when using fully automated chain-link fence machines.

Secure fencing is a trusted Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine manufacturer in Oman; we have developed innovative fencing machines using German technology for high productive efficiency. This machine is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses looking for a cost-effective way to produce high-quality chain link fence products. The electric panel installed in the chain-link fence machine features a Mitsubishi-programmable automation controller (PLC) with a high-speed system for next-level functionality. In addition, the electric panel is equipped with Schneider electric components and touch screens for additional operational ease.