Barbed Wire Making Machine Manufacturers in India

Barbed Wire Making Machine

Secure Fencing is a leading manufacturer of barbed wire making machines in India. We provide Barbed Wire Making Machine at the Lowest Price in India. Our customers appreciate the high quality of the Barbed Wire Making Machine in India that we provide. In India, the entire line of Barbed Wire Making Machine is of export grade and is created utilising advanced technology under the supervision of expert specialists. Our quality controllers inspect the supplied Barbed Wire Making Machine in India on different criteria. Choose the best barbed wire machine dealer in India today.

  • Main Barbed Wire Machine
  • Dual electric cabinet
  • Wire Pay-off stands - 4pcs
  • Final Spooler - 2 pcs
  • Tool Kit
  • High speed production @160-190 barbs/ min
  • Lower cost of production
  • Less noise
  • Perfect 'Barb' shape
  • Low power consumption
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High Speed Barbed Wire Making Machine in India

Technical Specifications


Secure Fencing

Wire Diameter

12 / 13 / 14 swg


110-130kgs/- hr**


160 - 190 barbs / min

Space required

15 x 6 ft

Total Power

3 HP

Barb spacing

90 to 100 mm

Manufacturers of Barbed Wire Making Machine in India also known as Barbed Wire Machine is available at the Best Price in all major cities of India. Barbed wire fencing is a popular style of fencing worldwide. Applications of barbed wire fencing machines include agricultural fields, building sites, defense, and other sectors.

The issue is that standard barbed wire manufacturing equipment is inefficiency. Because the production is up to 50-60 kg per hour, a barbed wire maker typically installs multiple machines to achieve the needed output, using extra space and workers.

Whereas in barbed wire-making machinery, Secure Fencing has reached new heights. Secure fence barbed wire machines in India can now produce three times as much, that is, up to 140 kg per hour, with very little area required and just one laborer required. A company may save space, employees, and time on maintenance by adopting a Secure Fencing barbed wire-producing machinery.

By using Secure Fencing barbed wire making machine in India, a manufacturer can save their space, labor and time on maintenance.

Why Secure Fencing Barbed Wire Making Machine?

1) High Production: Now a manufacturer can produce barbed wire up to 140 kg per hour
2) Best Space utilization: Instead of using 3 traditional machines, a manufacturer can install only 1 Secure Fencing Barbed Wire Making machine that will eventually save space
3) Easy to operate: Our barbed wire making machine's design is robust and well thought, only 1 operator is capable of handling the full machine with ease.
4) Lower cost of production: Due to less labor requirement in using our barbed wire making machine, the cost of producing will drop by 60%
5) Perfect barb shape: End product from our barbed wire machine follows the concept of reverse twist which allows the end product to have a perfect barb shape.

Secure Fencing is a lone wolf in supplying such a high productivity barbed wire making machine. The company promises their clients with quality, service and constant innovations. Contact our team for latest barbed wire machine prices in India.