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Secure Fencing is the leading chain link fence machine manufacturer in Coimbatore. At Secure Fencing, we provide our clients with highly productive chain link machines that can produce at a very fast rate. Chainlink fencing machine manufactured at our workshop are well known for their durability and efficiency. We manufacture machines which are adapted with superior German quality.. We offer wide range of chain link fencing machines that can grow your productivity. Our products include, chain link fencing machine, fully-automatic and semi-automatic chain link fence machine, welded wire mesh machine, gabion mesh machine. Contact us to buy the highly productive chain link fencing machine in Coimbatore.

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semi automatic chain link fence machine
60-70% Cost Reduction

Secure Fencing machine designed to provide a significant 60-70% cost reduction.

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100% Sanitized Machine

Ensure safety and hygiene with our secure fencing machines that are thoroughly sanitized.

high production capacity
Only 1 Worker

Secure Fencing Machine, operated by just one workers. Enhance productivity and safety with our innovative solution.

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manual chain link fencing machine
70-80% Increase in Production

Increase your production efficiency by 70-80% with our Secure Fencing machine.

raipur wire chainlink machine
24 Hours Technical Support

Secure Fencing? Look no further! we offers 24/7 technical support to ensure your fencing needs are met.

chainlink machine mesh
Best Servo System

Enhance the security of your fencing machines with our best servo system that is secure and reliable operation.


As one of the best chain link fencing machine manufacturer in Coimbatore, we offer the most premium quality chain link fencing machines to our clients at best price. Buy fencing machines which are highly productive and built with superior German quality only form Secure Fencing.

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Over 700+ Happy Clients

Read what our clients have to say about our fully automatic chain link fencing machines quality, production, and service.

Technical Description

We always believe in delivering machines which are built with superior and best quality and can meet your productive requirements. We ensure that machines you buy from us are highly productive and efficient. With a wide range of best quality chain link fencing machines in Coimbatore, including , welded mesh machine, gabion mesh machine, semi and fully automatic chain link fencing machines, we stand to become the best fencing machine manufacturer in Ahmedabad. With our good quality products, we have earned a reputed image and we continue installing the best quality machines in Coimbatore.


  • Rs 1 - 1.5 per kg including labor, maintenance, and electricity

  • Connected load: 13 HP Running Load: 8 HP

  • Only 1 operator is required to operate the full machine

  • Delhi, Chennai, Abu Road (Rajasthan), Nashik (Call our representative to know more possible locations)

  • 20ft x 20ft
fencing wire machine

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